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European League of Football Next-Generation Metrics

powered by KINEXON

In cooperation with the European League of Football (ELF), KINEXON’s LPS system was used for live player tracking at the 2022 championship game in Klagenfurt. The European League of Football entered into this cooperation in order to further increase fan engagement during and especially after the game.

For the first time ever, an American Football game benefited from live player tracking provided by KINEXON. For this purpose, 24 anchors were placed around the field of 28 BLACK ARENA in Klagenfurt and players of both teams have been equipped with a total of 60 sensors in the shoulder pad of the players. This way, it was possible to display in game metrics already during the live broadcast to get the game closer to the fans than ever before.

“With KINEXON we have a strong partner in sports data analysis for the Championship Game on our side”, states European League of Football Commissioner Patrick Esume. “This can give a further boost to Next Gen stats in European Football and give fans exclusive insights into a great sport.”

Key metrics provided by KINEXON included impact, speed, distance and acceleration. The ELF Statistics crew was on site during the Championship weekend to monitor the data collection. Relevant real time stats and live data were selected by our crew and provided in the broadcast to give additional insights in the game.

The main work, however, began after the championship game. The data was evaluated by our team and compiled in this section. In the following you will find playcharts of the high impact plays, route charts of selected players, as well as the top performances in the categories Top Speed, Acceleration and Impacts .

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Route Chart

The European League of Football Championship Game 2022 featured one Wide Receiver that stood out from all the other players. We are talking about none other than Kimi Linnainmaa, wide receiver #17 of the Vienna Vikings. He not only had a catch rate of 100% with 123 receiving yards, but also the first touchdown pass of the game. Reason enough to take a detailed look at his routes during the game.

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The final of the European League of Football 2022 was not only a great game, there were also some outstanding physical performances. We saw Mike Breuler (27 km/h) and Justin Rogers (32 km/h) race hard for the ball on a deep pass route in the first quarter. On the Hamburg Sea Devils side, Daniel Laporte (2,764 yards), Daniel Brown (2,747 yards), Lamar Jordan II (2,695 yards) and Justin Rogers (2,546 yards) covered a total of over 2,500 yards during the game (this includes distances between plays).

The Vienna Vikings were able to create some good separating on their routes for some deep completions. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the WRs of the Vikings were particularly splashy and thus emerged at the top of the highest accelerations (Jordan Bouah 4.34 m/s², Kimi Linnainmaa 4.29 m/s² and Mike Breuler 4.20 m/s²).

On the defensive side, the Hamburg Sea Devils clearly showed that they were ready to give everything for the victory. This was also reflected in the impacts of the tackles with Kevin Fortes (21.3 g), Daniel Laporte (19.8 g) and Giovanni Nanguy (17.9 g) appearing well at the top of the list of the hardest hits in the final. Above all, the Sea Devils not only had the hardest hitters on their squad, but also the player who delivered the most hard hits in Kasim Edebali (50 Hits).

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Fastest Player (km/h)

Justin Rogers

Top Acceleration (m/s²)

Jordan Bouah

Biggest Impact (g)

Kevin Fortes